Videography workshops Our workshops aim to set you apart from your competitors... we will teach you how to properly capture video clips, tell a heartwarming story, and piece it all together in post processing. we love to curate beautiful moments in motion.
Videography Workshops announcing 2018

Videography is something that has captivated us for quite some time and now we are excited to share this craft with you! Come learn how to curate and create a motion production video for your clients. Watching life in real time and real motion is captivating. Having those memories to look back on years down the road is invaluable. Are you wondering if video is something that is right for you? Video is the next step in the photography industry and having this skillset will win the hearts of your clients. It will additionally increase bookings. Having additional services can help you stand apart from your competitors and make you more desirable when clients are trying to select a photographer. 

What is included and investment

Making the leap to invest in a workshop is a HUGE decision. We want you to feel confident in that investment. Please take a moment to join our interest group to get in touch with past attendees or peek over our reviews to see what others are saying.  

Workshops are $1500 for a One Day Experience. Jump on Early bird booking and save $300. 

Visit the blog to see past workshops and behind the scenes. Contact us to ask any and all questions!