Blossom-OPOLY | How to Play

The New Year is here! That means time to gear up for a fresh new future full of opportunities! Blossom is so excited to announce something fun. Do you remember “back in the day” when you would go to McDonalds for Monopoly? Well, we have our own version that we are incredibly excited to share…

How does it work?

Shop with partnering vendors to receive “monopoly pieces.” With every $25 spent you will receive a monopoly piece in your order. There are four pieces to complete the large puzzle.

Complete “2-0-1-8” and win a complimentary workshop seat to a 2018 workshop!

We have also instant wins. Instant wins are gifted items from participating vendors. If you receive an instant win check back with the vendor you received the win from to claim your prize.

**HOW TO VIEW THE PRIZES: To see the hidden message on the pieces download the app to your phone and hover the phone over the piece with the hyperphpto option in the app. A video will appear on your phone. Once the video completes it will reveal the number on your monopoly piece.**

So, head over to the participating shops and get to shopping!

Shop with multiple stores to increase your chances of winning:

Millers Lab

No 2 Willow Lane

Dime A Daisiee

Baby Bliss Props

All 3 Suns

Simply Sassafrass

Willow Mint Props

Aspen Willow Props

Freebird Props

Cardboard Sheek


Strawberry Revolution

You can download the playing card here: