Action always beats intention.

Blossom will teach you branding, marketing, SEO, IPS and so much more. Come learn the methods on how to create mutually beneficial. long lasting relationships with local businesses and build a successful and profitable brand. This is a business intensive class where we dive deep into each topic. Meagan and Stevie Partner with brands such as Pottery Barn Kids, Baby Gap and Babies R Us. Additionally, we will teach unique marketing techniques to help you stand apart from the competition and increase your bookings. 


Social Media Use and Getting the Most Benefits based on the platform (Instagram, Instagram Stories, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Website Appeal, design, helpful tips...

Studio Marketing + Partner Marketing. How & when to use each one type of marketing (in person, print, paid, social media, partnerships, moms club etc).

Client Relations & Communication.

Email verbiage, Phone Calls, Consults, Happy Mail, and Marketing Cards.

In Depth SEO.

Defining and Setting Attainable Goals to reach your desired Profit.

Workflow from inquiry to end product sales including storage and delivery of products.

Building referral based clientele- Mother’s Club, One Year Club.

Creating and Marketing Your Brand.

Business Model Structure.

Defining Your Target Market and Successfully Reaching Them (A look into different business options- shoot & burn, all inclusive, online galleries, IPS -Pros & Cons to each) and Studio Policies.

Pricing for Profit.

In Depth ISP Strategies and Techniques Product Sales. 
(Letting work sell itself- not a salesman, Unique Product, etc.)

Success Stories