The Best Hands on Newborn Class

Blossoms Workshops is the best hands on newborn class
You ask why? Not because we wish to claim it but because past attendees have said so. We feel honored to be told be we are the best newborn workshop in the United States.
Meagan ready and Stevie Cruz ensure that all attendees have the ability issue each newborn in every pose during the workshop. As mentors they spend time detailing each position and how they achieve the pose during the workshop as well as a private mentoring group after the workshop for the ongoing learning.
The ongoing post workshop mentoring group via Facebook has been a huge help to many attendees. Some have referred to this is a Blossom sister hood where we help mentees Finesse their images to create and create a seamless experience for their clients.
We are honored to share the words of some of our past attendees as you can see below. These words are their own unprompted thoughts on Blossoms Workshops as the workshop in the United States. We feel honored to carry the title as the best hands on newborn class.

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