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Travel Credit Option

Have you considered taking a workshop that required you to travel?

We often hear that traveling can be the biggest hurdle holding attendees back from attending.  BTC– Blossom Travel Credit was created after much consderation and thought about how we can help mitigate the issue.

Blossom Travel Credit is a way for us to help offset your travel expenses. If you book a newborn workshop seat by June 1st, Blossom will offer store credit for future online classes or templates to match what you spend on airfare, hotel and transportation *up to $400.

Say what, right? Yes thats true, we would love for you to chase your dreams and invest in your business.

Let Blossom help you make your dreams a success. Hit the contact tab to find out more about this Travel Credit credit

The Best Hands on Newborn Class

Blossoms Workshops is the best hands on newborn class
You ask why? Not because we wish to claim it but because past attendees have said so. We feel honored to be told be we are the best newborn workshop in the United States.
Meagan ready and Stevie Cruz ensure that all attendees have the ability issue each newborn in every pose during the workshop. As mentors they spend time detailing each position and how they achieve the pose during the workshop as well as a private mentoring group after the workshop for the ongoing learning.
The ongoing post workshop mentoring group via Facebook has been a huge help to many attendees. Some have referred to this is a Blossom sister hood where we help mentees Finesse their images to create and create a seamless experience for their clients.
We are honored to share the words of some of our past attendees as you can see below. These words are their own unprompted thoughts on Blossoms Workshops as the workshop in the United States. We feel honored to carry the title as the best hands on newborn class.

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Orange County Newborn Workshop | Blossom Workshops

Blossom Workshops are ideal for new and seasoned photographers both. We have content to forward your business no matter where you stand in your photography journey. During the workshops we will go over lighting, setup, posing, and all things newborn. We teach you how to prep your parents so that baby is sleepy and ready for the session as well as how to soothe and redirect a session when baby is fussy. We also go over marketing and business. Knowing how to market you business is like gasoline in a vehicle. The fuel that keeps you moving forward. Knowing how to reel in the ideal client is also incredibly important. We will teach you so many unique and fun ideas to get your name noticed and get your business growing!

In California we photographed 6 of the most gorgeous babies! The cool thing about the models for attendees is the opportunity to capture the babies and utilize the imagery in your promotional materials and social media.

Our last workshop for 2017 is going to be held in New York! We will be holding class on November 11th-12th in Rosyln, New York!

Here are some of the gorgeous details from the workshop!

Romper/Headband Combo: Propsies

Romper: Propsies

New York newborn photography workshop

New York newborn photography workshop here we come! This will be our last newborn workshop for 2018, you won’t want to miss it.

We had an amazing time in Arizona just a few weeks ago when we mentored 8 amazing women about the art of newborn pictures.

We are always so grateful for the opportunity to mentor other photographers on their journey to better their skills. To be entrusted to teach when so many options are available is such an honor and we don’t take the opportunity lightly.

Over the years we have had the privilege to teach women from all over the United States and places as far as Saudi Arabia, South America and South Africa!

Here is an overview of our favorite amazing vendors that provide swag to all attendees present. We are humbled to have them on our team. This group of talented vendors does change from time to time, what a great team we have!

 We are so excited to venture to a new city in a few short weeks– NEW YORK here we come!

Are you excited to see us on the East Coast? Tease yourself with these precious images of twin babies posed during one of our mentoring sessions. We love photographing multiples, twins, triplets and siblings. 

Alright its time to register for your spot. Click here to register for the New York newborn photography workshop or to purchase templates from our shop, click here.

See what others are saying about their experience at the workshop:

Reflecting on 2016 Newborn Posing Workshop

2016 is almost behind us, can you believe it? Are you ready begin writing 2017 on invoices and checks? Who else does the scratch through like I do for those first few months?

As we look at this past year and reflect we can’t help but think what a great year it has been traveling across the United States to 6 different states. We had the opportunity to teach some amazing women and building new friendships along the way. Our goal through Blossom Newborn Workshop is to empower photographers with the skillet to confidently master newborn posing and to achieve consistent results while safely handing those special newborn babies.

OK so those numbers…..2016 Newborn Posing Workshop…..

Mentored 61 Ladies in 2016

Posed 72 Babies during the workshop

Traveled to 6 States

Held 11 in person classes

Below you will see several of the group workshop pictures (missing a few smiling faces). The experience of an in person workshop is like no other, we feel those who learn in person gain invaluable knowledge first hand that they would not otherwise have the chance to learn in an online format. If you have interest in joining us for one of the 2017 locations, please click here to the see the map and dates. You may also opt into the ‘interest’ group we have on Facebook for continued updates about these opportunities. We hope to meet several more friendly faces in 2017. Cheers to a great New Year for each of you and we hope to be part of your success.

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