Travel Credit Option

Have you considered taking a workshop that required you to travel?

We often hear that traveling can be the biggest hurdle holding attendees back from attending.  BTC– Blossom Travel Credit was created after much consderation and thought about how we can help mitigate the issue.

Blossom Travel Credit is a way for us to help offset your travel expenses. If you book a newborn workshop seat by June 1st, Blossom will offer store credit for future online classes or templates to match what you spend on airfare, hotel and transportation *up to $400.

Say what, right? Yes thats true, we would love for you to chase your dreams and invest in your business.

Let Blossom help you make your dreams a success. Hit the contact tab to find out more about this Travel Credit credit

Blossom Newborn and Business Workshop | Naples Florida

Blossom Newborn and Business Workshop | Naples Florida

Blossom Workshops had the best time in the beachy area of Central Florida!



Blossom Workshops are ideal for new and seasoned photographers both. We have content to forward your business no matter where you stand in your photography journey. During the workshops we will go over lighting, setup, posing, and all things newborn. We teach you how to prep your parents so that baby is sleepy and ready for the session as well as how to soothe and redirect a session when baby is fussy. We also go over marketing and business. Knowing how to market you business is like gasoline in a vehicle. The fuel that keeps you moving forward. Knowing how to reel in the ideal client is also incredibly important. We will teach you so many unique and fun ideas to get your name noticed and get your business growing!

In Florida we will photograph 6 of the most gorgeous babies! The cool thing about the models for attendees is the opportunity to capture the babies and utilize the imagery in your promotional materials and social media.

You will receive an overflowing workbook full of diagrams and informational content. Cover to cover and filled to the brim with text education! (It’s not an empty lined booked for notes)

Learn how to get a clean SOOC + EDITING:

Here are a few of the stunning poses you will learn:



Newborn Workshop In California

Blossom Workshops is an intimate newborn workshop experience always backed with two mentors at every class. We aim to create a memorable newborn workshop experience for our attendees. We teach posing in a methodical way so that you’re able to take the techniques back to your studio and apply them to achieve the same results. In other words we have a very “a+b=c” approach to how we do things so that they click. It is not a visual class where you guess what we did to achieve a certain look. We teach very thorough. We would love to have you join us at our upcoming class in Connecticut!

We love putting all of the details in place from the table setup to the newborn props and sets. Images captured at the workshops are for the attendees. Attendees may use the imagery in their portfolio and marketing pieces. The industry’s best newborn prop vendors gift items for the attendees swag buckets. Blossom is known for it’s amazing over the top swag bags. <3

Table Set: Victoria’s Garden Anaheim

Cookies: Sweet Missy’s Custom Cookies

Frames: The Organic Bloom

Cream Outfit: Willow Mint Props
Striped Outfit: No 2 Willow Lane
Mocha Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories

Floral Pants and Headband – Baby Bliss PropsBonnet: All 3 SunsFloral Romper: No 2 Willow Lane

Blossom-OPOLY | How to Play

The New Year is here! That means time to gear up for a fresh new future full of opportunities! Blossom is so excited to announce something fun. Do you remember “back in the day” when you would go to McDonalds for Monopoly? Well, we have our own version that we are incredibly excited to share…

How does it work?

Shop with partnering vendors to receive “monopoly pieces.” With every $25 spent you will receive a monopoly piece in your order. There are four pieces to complete the large puzzle.

Complete “2-0-1-8” and win a complimentary workshop seat to a 2018 workshop!

We have also instant wins. Instant wins are gifted items from participating vendors. If you receive an instant win check back with the vendor you received the win from to claim your prize.

**HOW TO VIEW THE PRIZES: To see the hidden message on the pieces download the app to your phone and hover the phone over the piece with the hyperphpto option in the app. A video will appear on your phone. Once the video completes it will reveal the number on your monopoly piece.**

So, head over to the participating shops and get to shopping!

Shop with multiple stores to increase your chances of winning:

Millers Lab

No 2 Willow Lane

Dime A Daisiee

Baby Bliss Props

All 3 Suns

Simply Sassafrass

Willow Mint Props

Aspen Willow Props

Freebird Props

Cardboard Sheek


Strawberry Revolution

You can download the playing card here:




The Best Hands on Newborn Class

Blossoms Workshops is the best hands on newborn class
You ask why? Not because we wish to claim it but because past attendees have said so. We feel honored to be told be we are the best newborn workshop in the United States.
Meagan ready and Stevie Cruz ensure that all attendees have the ability issue each newborn in every pose during the workshop. As mentors they spend time detailing each position and how they achieve the pose during the workshop as well as a private mentoring group after the workshop for the ongoing learning.
The ongoing post workshop mentoring group via Facebook has been a huge help to many attendees. Some have referred to this is a Blossom sister hood where we help mentees Finesse their images to create and create a seamless experience for their clients.
We are honored to share the words of some of our past attendees as you can see below. These words are their own unprompted thoughts on Blossoms Workshops as the workshop in the United States. We feel honored to carry the title as the best hands on newborn class.

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